Daily Archives: April 16, 2013

Everything is, such as it is

... the highlands of Iceland ...

… naked, raw and beautiful …

There is stillness and peace over the earth and everything is perfect.
It is so good to be alive.  Open the eyes and look at all the wonders of the world.  Be in and create the worlds around us.  All these small worlds, within the whole world, in which we live, learn and play, but mostly create our own tiny little, our existence.
Still we require purpose.  We seem not to understand that everything just is.  Not as it is, to become something else.  But only such, as it is.  Nothing more.  But we insist on importance so we ignore the peace which everywhere prevails.
And create in its place a purpose which is an endless conflict and war.

This is the topic in chapter 11 in the book “The moment” – continue reading>