Young, old, and everything in between

old, youngWhen a young man looks at 60+ he sees not experience, self, knowledge, wisdom and opportunity, he sees old, and old is obsolete, stupid and useless.
When an old man looks at a young man he sees not fresh ideas, education, skills and opportunities, he sees the young, and youth is inexperienced, stupid and useless.
What is interesting about this is that they are both right, because they are both looking at themselves.  We never see beyond ourselves, and are therefore always looking at ourselves.

The fact of the matter is that we have it all, young, old and everything in between, at the same moment, right now, because we are life itself, the live energy, collection of stupidity and nonsense, knowledge and wisdom, which is everywhere and everything.  We are everything.  We have always been it and will always be until the end of the world.

This is the topic in chapter 1 in the book “In the beginning was the word”

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