We can die the me

Jeppaferð á SnæfellsnesEverything that relates to us is recorded in our brain.  No matter the nature or substance of it.  We list all experience, consciously or unconsciously, in our memory to trigger again and use as needed.
There are, for obvious reasons, incidents in our memory that we cannot trigger at will.  What we experienced before we learned to speak, and thereby give it name, was registered in the memory without words.  What is stored in our memory without words cannot be evoke again with words. It comes, however, occasionally and unintentionally, to the surface, but since we do not know it again, we give it the name strange, mysterious or supernatural.
From and through all our memories, we have built up a complete image of ourselves, which we call me.

This is the topic in chapter 3 in the book “The moment”


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