New and old, ideas about everything

maturWe have created ourselves ideas of all possible things, food, religion, beliefs, teaching, etc. and we are not willing to abandon these ideas, no matter what.  Not even though researches show us how little value they have.  Not even though we ourselves know how stupid they are.  We just say “oh well” and keep on holding tight to our ideas.  We are stuck in our habits.
We are always so convinced of our own excellence that we do not allow us to accept something new.

We have met all kinds of opinions and ideas on our walk through life, both wrong and right.  And we will keep on meeting more ideas, of all sorts.
The older we become, the more ideas we have gathered ourselves. The more ideas we have, the more difficult it is to get rid of them. And before we know it we are trapped in a vicious circle that is hard to get out of.

Do we need all these ideas?  Seriously, do we need more?  When do we have enough?

Instead of collecting more ideas then we should view the ones we already have and see if we cannot rid us of some of them or even all of them.
We should look at all our ideas from all angles and then decide whether to keep them or let them go.
And we should avoid making them into something unchangeable in our lives.  If we do, then we immediately close the door to all other possibilities.

We should always be prepared, wherever and whenever, to let go of all our ideas.  For there is no room for new where old fills the space and refuses to leave.
And new might be just what we are looking for and need the most.

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