eldgosFear appears in many and varied forms, as envy, jealousy, anger, hatred and even courage.

It is perhaps not easy to see courage as fear.  But to be courageous, we first have to be afraid.  Perhaps just a little, but still scared.  And why would anyone want to be scared or brave?

But whatever the shape or form of fear, it is always within our mentality, in our own mind, in our own body.  It is from there it poisons our lives, nowhere else.

We never fear the unknown.  How can we fear that we do not know?

What we really fear is our ideas about the unknown.  And they are always based on what we already know.  Fear is just an old memory.  Nothing more.

Perhaps we cannot escape fear but it is okay to know that it is in us it exists and only us it hurts.  No one else.


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