Daily Archives: January 25, 2013

The question is the answer

Aurora BoralisIt is hard for us to know not, whether it is small or large, important or not.  We need to know, dare not to know not, why, how, what to do, what will happen tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, all kinds of questions rushing around in our heads all day, every day. Why?  First and foremost because of our insecurity, we dare not accept the moment as it is, so we start looking for something to assure us, just in case everything will go the wrong way.  We are afraid in ourselves, of ourselves.  So we seek answers, everywhere and nowhere. We are constantly searching for answers, for all kinds of questions.  We want to know, we need to know.  We need security, to be sure. So nothing can surprise us.  So nothing can disturb our existence.
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