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loveLove is a remarkable word that stands for even more remarkable phenomenon.
There are many different words in the Icelandic languish to express love, depending on whom and what we are expressing.
If I wanted to express love for God I would use the word kærleikur, which has a deeper meaning than ordinary love.  If it was love for my husband I wanted to express I would use the word ást and ástfangin, which means love and being caught in love, in ást there would be more hormone activity than in the other words.  For my children I would say elska, because I elska them, I would not use the word everywhere and at every occasion, telling them I love them would be somewhat a sacred moment.  I could also use the word elska to my friends.
But if I wanted to express my admiration for shoos I would just say they were flott, meaning they are great or beautiful. Continue reading


A young man and young woman were arguing about astrology, the truth of it and its usefulness.
They did not agree on the matter, she was a believer in God, and stood by her convictions and faith and he was an astrologer and skilled in his profession.
It was not easy to see who would win the debate, but she was very determined and consistent and the time came when she was about to take him down from his pedestal.  He gave up and offered her reconciliation, in a way that they both were right.  Thus they would both win the debate.  She accepted, but she obviously felt she had won and that made her happy.

They were both wrong.  When there are two different views, then one could be right and the other wrong, or both wrong.  Because two parties with different views cannot both be right in the sense right being the truth.  For this, the truth has to be variable and then it would not be the truth.  Why?  To answer it we must first define what truth is.  So what is truth?  This is the topic of chapter 6