The consequence of our behavior

Young boyA small boy looked at his mother with tears in his eyes. “Yes my dear boy” said the mother “when you do something like this you must take the consequences of it”. The boy started to cry. Many would have forgiven him anything at that moment.

Sometimes we talk just to talk, and we do not think about the truth of what we are saying and thus we give the youth all kinds of wrong and misleading information, that has nothing to do with reality, and which gradually build up in their minds, so they become confused and know not what they should to do when, they later in life, face all kinds of events and difficulties.

If the mother had stopped and thought about what she wanted to say to the boy, before she spoke, she might have told him the truth about the situation and thus helped him with his fear and taught him something valuable at the same time. Because the mother was wrong we do not necessarily have to take the consequences of our actions.  It will, in some extend, depend on the action, but also on whom or what the action is directed at, and then be in accordance with the response of the receiver. The consequences can therefore be nothing or huge and in no way consistent with the action.  The consequence can be nothing and often is.

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