My child

DandelionThere are endless discussions on issues relating to children and adolescents.  There is need for more care and supervision for children, teens are arrested for drunkenness and riots, all kinds of problems and we wonder, worry, are shocked and have concerns about our children and teenagers.
Of course we worry about our children and adolescents; we want them to be successful, have a good life.  But still I wonder and ask are our concerns about them or us?
Sometimes I feel like our ideas of our children are delusions, something that we create in our minds, to gain importance. And sometimes I am not sure we know what we are thinking and doing, like all of our doings are just empty words, hovering in thin air, with zero success.
Parents and concerns have been with us for thousands of years, and nothing has changed. We are still in the same place, with the same worries, the same ideas, the same resources and no result.
This is the contents of chapter 16 in the book “The moment”.


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