Friends and family

PeoplePeople near, far and everywhere, all kinds of people, large and small, people we admire and despise. Yet we see them not, not really, just as an idea in our own heads. Is it not remarkable?

Wherefrom do they all come? Are they all real? Why do we have this need to classify people and put into the system? Why do we feel the need to protect us from other people? What ideas do we have about the concepts family and friends and why? I will be damned if I know.  But I have looked into it, rolling it back and forth in my mind, seen strange behavior and ideas, some completely ludicrous and others just funny.  This is the discussion in chapter 26, people, all kinds of people, near and far, friends and family and all the others, but most of ourselves. So now you can just read the 26th chapter and find out how I see for yourselves.


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