Fear of death

Shadows in the cemeteryWe fear death, it is a fact and that fear has a major impact on our lives.  When I talk about fear of death I am not talking about the superficial, yes but I am not afraid of death, you do not know if there is life after death etc. But this fear we are born with, it makes us do almost anything to survive.

It is certainly true that I do not know if there is life after death, I am not dead, and although I have tried it once, briefly, I am still alive. Yet we all know there was life before we came and will probably be after we go, even though we are no longer alive to know it.

It is the same with us as all other living creatures; we have all come from some kind of seed, which includes our range, from birth to death.  Both included.  All and complete.

In our case the seed was an egg and sperm cells.  It held our joy and fear, health and disease, how to survive and how and when to die. There is namely a guideline to how we are to die, congenital, inside our bodies and it is common to us all.

The body knows exactly how and what it should do when the time comes.  That is why we all have similar, if not the same, stories to tell of death experiences, why so many people need to get permission to die from their relatives etc. That is the reason we are not afraid when the times comes, simply because our body knows what is going on and why and blocks everything else in the meantime.  We go through the tunnel, we see bright light, and beautiful creatures, we find peace and all kinds of other things that make us feel good.  So it is. But the me, which has taken over our existence, does not know what is happening and it will be scared, because it does not want to die, but live forever and by no means lose any of its power and importance.

It is all inside of us, from A to Z.  And because this is us, congenital, from the beginning of our creation, invisible force, ready to take over when the time comes, we cannot disable it or remove it, It is part of us and cannot be separated from us. What we can access and get rid of are our ideas about death, there is the real fear of death.  It is only an idea, an old memories, something that once was, as the me, which is made from our ideas and learning and is only a simple image, an idea, which causes us many problems and suffering.

We can let go of the me.  We do that by seeing what it really is, by seeing it is nothing more than memories.  When it disappears then vanishes also fear of death, because then life takes over and it is eternal, and therefore nothing to fear.  That is all.

2 thoughts on “Fear of death

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    1. IngaHel Post author

      Well Robert JR Graham, this is tricky question, we know that people die and we know that life goes on, so it is a life and death there. I know that one day I will die and with me everything I stand for, still there is life, or at least other people who live on. But what happens to the person who dies, cannot be proven, we can believe, think and imagine all sorts of things about what happens, but not prove it.



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