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My child

DandelionThere are endless discussions on issues relating to children and adolescents.  There is need for more care and supervision for children, teens are arrested for drunkenness and riots, all kinds of problems and we wonder, worry, are shocked and have concerns about our children and teenagers.
Of course we worry about our children and adolescents; we want them to be successful, have a good life.  But still I wonder and ask are our concerns about them or us?
Sometimes I feel like our ideas of our children are delusions, something that we create in our minds, to gain importance. And sometimes I am not sure we know what we are thinking and doing, like all of our doings are just empty words, hovering in thin air, with zero success.
Parents and concerns have been with us for thousands of years, and nothing has changed. We are still in the same place, with the same worries, the same ideas, the same resources and no result.
This is the contents of chapter 16 in the book “The moment”.

No blocks, yes creates

fræLife is not always easy, or maybe it is existence that is not easy, because life just is, neither one nor the other, but our existence is filled with all kind of nonsense.

We have created all sorts of things around us in hope it will give us some peace, or at least easier life, and we create it all from what we think should be and what should not be, from good and bad, yes and no.  This is the topic of chapter 1 in the book The moment.


The consequence of our behavior

Young boyA small boy looked at his mother with tears in his eyes. “Yes my dear boy” said the mother “when you do something like this you must take the consequences of it”. The boy started to cry. Many would have forgiven him anything at that moment.

Sometimes we talk just to talk, and we do not think about the truth of what we are saying and thus we give the youth all kinds of wrong and misleading information, that has nothing to do with reality, and which gradually build up in their minds, so they become confused and know not what they should to do when, they later in life, face all kinds of events and difficulties. Continue reading

Friends and family

PeoplePeople near, far and everywhere, all kinds of people, large and small, people we admire and despise. Yet we see them not, not really, just as an idea in our own heads. Is it not remarkable?

Wherefrom do they all come? Are they all real? Why do we have this need to classify people and put into the system? Why do we feel the need to protect us from other people? What ideas do we have about the concepts family and friends and why? I will be damned if I know.  But I have looked into it, rolling it back and forth in my mind, seen strange behavior and ideas, some completely ludicrous and others just funny.  This is the discussion in chapter 26, people, all kinds of people, near and far, friends and family and all the others, but most of ourselves. So now you can just read the 26th chapter and find out how I see for yourselves.

The Crhistmas Spirit

AngelDo they exist er not ?

We must know that if there is a word for it, it exists.  Everything that has a name, and can be described with words, exists, not necessarily in the form that we have put it. But it still it exists. So Christmas elves, Santa Claus and Christmas lads exist.

It is just the form that we can argue about, not the existence of elves, Santa Claus and Christmas lads. Continue reading


Dandelion after the rainThis is the Gospel Christmas this year.
“Father, forgive them for they do not know what they do.” (Luke 23:34)  These words of Jesus are probable the most famous words spoken about the forgiveness, in the history of mankind.
And we, the people, took them and made them into something totally different, just like we did to the man who spoke them.
Why, well you can read all about it here in chapter 29, Forgiveness.