Why is life so short?

Fræ í rigningu
Why is life so short?  The average age of women is 83 years and men 79 years and you might think it pretty good.  In the beginning of our lives it seems like a long time, but when we get older it starts to feel like very short.  Why?

Well, the first years we are almost unconscious.  We only are, respond to stimuli according to our innate temperament and other characteristics, and little else.  And we do not know that there is something called death and are therefore immortal.

Then we grow up and become adolescent and are gradually fed into the idea that we are something, beautiful, good, intensive, naughty, smart, and dumb and anything else we can think of.  And then we are suddenly all that and much more.  And although we have heard about death, or have lost someone close to us, it usually applies to people other than ourselves.  We are still immortal.

We change into teenagers with raging hormones, have to struggle with the environment, ourselves and the ideas we have been given and do not fit us, and the years pass and nothing else is important.  Old people are everyone older than 20 years and they are all with one foot in the grave.  We are still immortal.

Then we get over the teens and become ‘wise’, we go to university, to work, prison, have spouses, children, happiness and sorrow and nothing else is important, we have enough to do.  We are mortal but hope we will live long enough to get our children into adulthood, whatever that means.  And so it goes on until one day we become middle-aged, then we start the support process for our children.  We help them to leave home and make their own, finally.

We support their first steps, and maybe little further, and then we suddenly become elderly people and finally we have time to look at ourselves and exist for us and nothing else.  But many people fear what they see and create something new to place the children that are now beginning on their journey into the world to repeat this same process.

We can easily create importance, deception to hide behind

Many people never get in contact with themselves, not matter how old and ‘wise’ they get.  Even though the only thing left is to sit by themselves in a home for old people.  But there are some that stop and ask, here I am, what shall I do with it?

Believe me, this is how it goes. I know for sure, by my own experience, I have been a child, adolescent, teenager, working woman, married with children, very important and a supporter to bring my children into the world so they can repeat all the nonsense.

And now I stand in the shoes of asking, here I am and what shall I do with it?  If I work until retirement, I have 5 years left to work.  I have 10 good years left all together, if I live that long.  There are really only ten good years, because after seventy the future problems of old age will appear, we will decay in the body and perhaps mind.

If we use statistics, I now have 21 years left and 4 of them as a widow.  And if I look at inherited genes I could have 30 years left and 10 of them in old people’s home and some of them as a widow.

Now we know why life is so short. It is in fact just 20 to 30 years.

And what will I do with them?  Well, I am going to live them all, each and every moment, with myself, for myself and no one else.  My last breath in this world will be the most remarkable moment of my live.  It, as all other moments, will never be repeated.  From that moment on it is all over, me as well as everything I stand for.  Who says life I not amazing, absolutely remarkable and our existence the greatest wonder of all?


9 thoughts on “Why is life so short?

    1. IngaHel Post author

      You are right, I don’t believe in God, I believe in no-thing, not even myself, I don’t have to believe in myself just be it.
      That does not mean there is no God, only that I don’t know if there is a God, and I am choosing to live in truth and not believes and ideas and the truth is I don’t know anything, and that I accept. I’m sure if there is a God, and he has created me as I am, how I am is then to his liking. Beside if God exists he will be what he is without my believe.
      If I remember correctly it was offered to us, according to the Bible, all power in heaven and earth, creating ourselves as beautiful and good people, which in turn creates beautiful and good environment would then be obeying it.
      Thank you for your greeting to me. I hope you have a good, meaningful and peaceful life.


      1. IngaHel Post author

        Thanks for visiting my writing it’s always good to hear from readers.
        Thoughts: What is god other than all that lives, you me and the rest combined into one. What is a tree other than trunk and branches, roots and all the rest, combined into one. What is death other than life itself. All you need to know about death and at the same time something about life, you will find here. https://ingahel47.wordpress.com/what-am-i/20-we-are-mortal-we-will-all-die/


  1. LifeIsNotWaste

    If my life is one third of the way complete, then I want the last two thirds to be even more fulfilling. I seek to “live over and over again” in life. It isn’t difficult if you take it day by day. It’s like anything else which requires thought, energy, and hard work. The problem with it is that people are foten too negative to believe that they can start all over again. If you love life, why not love it more and more with age? And what is death but a fleeting secondary experience to life which we cannot measure in tangible terms like we can measure life anyway. Therefore, why worry about death? Isn’t life of the utmost importance before death? If death lasts one second, and life only lasts over 30,000 days if we are lucky, than why waste time thinking about death?


    1. IngaHel Post author

      This article is very popular and many people have an opinion on it. I wrote it, however, as entertainment for myself, for fun and not a serious issue. But it’s always nice to see what others see in my writings. Thanks for sharing your ideas with me.



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