Retired woman

Soon I will come to the desirable age where I will be able to retire from my work and stay at home with my wonderful spouse the whole day, every day.

In your dreams, that it is just desirable.

Well it will be for me, but many women have lived in marriages which they have disliked in various ways all their married lives. Some have lived with violence and pussy spouse, have been mentally and physically violated, while others have just had boring spouses, which none of them have had the courage to leave, either for the children’s sake or because of fear of not being able to provide for themselves.  And then one day their spouses comes home to stay, no more privacy, no break, no rest from their spouses ever more.

It is very easy to say they should just leave and live by themselves, do this or that, especially for us who do not mind having our spouses at home each and every day, and even more especially the younger women, who still believe their spouses will always be so wonderful.  Believe you me, if they are a problem when they are young it will only get worse when they get older, that I learned when I worked in a home for elderly people in my younger years.

It is not so easy to leave and not at all self-evident.

I have a friend who has retired and is expecting her husband home one day soon, to stay with her all day long, every day, each and every day of the year, with all the demands and troubles that can bring.

This article is for her.

You dread what will be in not so far future, which you really do not know anything about.  I say to you know, stand in front of your mirror, look at the girl living in this body of yours and say out loud or in your mind, “I am putting this in your hands to solve” and then let go of your worries.  When the fear pops up in your mind once in a while say “this is passed, over and done with and do not let it get any further than that.  If you cannot let go of the idea, it will never reach the solutions, and if you take it back when it pops up in your mind you hinder the solution to do its thing, so I repeat, “let go of it and do not let it in again.”

Life, which is you, will deal with your problem in a perfect way for all involved, whether it is by giving you the confidence to go away or something else. Believe me you can trust in that.

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