Love and caring

sugarShe called me, she was my friend and we often called each other and talked about all kinds of things and all of life matters over a cop of coffee. Somehow our talk led to me telling her about a dream I had many years ago, in the period when I, in my dreams, was traveling through my dreams, learning their meaning.  I had been going through my past,  falling from one dream to another all night and learning what they were telling me with the help of my dream friend.  Amongst other I learned that I use my children, see them in various ages, when I have some issues to solve from my past. Then suddenly I felt a change in my dreams, found myself walking pass two men laying something on the ground, it was a thread they were laying in lines, in all directions, out and south. It did not look like  nything, made no sense to me, but still it was some kind of path, totally bewildering path.

One of the men was my father. I looked at him and asked what they were doing. “Your mother has decided to become ill and I am laying down the lines for her” he answered. I became somewhat surprised and asked“ why on earth someone, quite healthy, would get the idea of become sick.”  I had never heard anything so stupid and could not hide how appalled I was. “Do not meddle in something you do not understand” he replied as he waved me away.

I went my way, as I said to myself, “this better not be a dream about me in the future.”  And then I woke up. It took me a long time to understand this dream was in fact about me for indeed we do lay the lines for our life, health and sickness.

“Why on earth should we want to be sick” I now asked my friend on the phone? “I do not know” she answered. “Well you have just got over serious illness” I said “can you imagine why you should have created the illness yourself.” “Caring” she said “longing or need for love and caring.” “Yes, but you know that others cannot show you more care than you yourself” I said, “others are your own creation, in perfect harmony with you, nothing else.” She hesitated. I went on, “let us say you look at me and feel I do not care enough for your well-being, you know you are only looking at yourself, not me. We have often talked about this. You know I am but an image, created by you, for you to use and that image has in itself nothing to do with me.  I could therefire be much more caring than you will ever know and you will probably never know.  For you look through yourself and create me according to what you are.  You can never see other than yourself.  All the care you can see around you is within yourself, this is your caring you see.  And if you think the caring is not enough you have to create it within you and then you can send it out to the world and look at it there in your images whenever you like. But the care you want from me has nothing to do with me.” She said she understood what I was saying.

We often do this, expect something from others, we want others to show us something, say something to us, to give us something. But there is no one out there to give us anything, show us anything.  The world does come from within and out.  That is a fact we have to accept.  The world is our creation, each and every man and woman we see, talk to, admire or hate comes from within and is therefore us.

So if we are waiting for someone to come on a white horse to save us and take away all our troubles we have to think again.  We have to look within and create all our desires ourselves.  That is all.

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