Great spirits and mini gods

The decoration of natureWe met once a week, we were all searching for the truth, they had been searching for a long time, but found nothing. It was nice to meet them and talk about all kinds of spiritual matters, but they knew so much more than me, still they were as far from the truth as I was.
They told me that it would be obvious when it happened, then we would change, because we would be filled with great Spirit that would guide us from then on.  They told me that I was very far from the truth, they saw it, I was missing the spirit and the mini gods.
They were right I was very far from the truth.  And the longer I stayed with them and the more knowledge I gathered, the further away I got.
But I was also wrong, it was there that I heard the words that changed my life, “you have to peel of everything you have gathered” someone quoted another, and something in my heart heard it and received it.  And there was no turning back. Chapter 3 is about great Spirits and mini gods.

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