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Opinions are our weakness

The boysWe see opinions as something important, actually essential, so we teach it in schools, set up courses to teach people to strengthen their opinions, we do everything we can think of to promote and enhance its importance.  Why?  Opinions are but weakness.  Why do we want to strengthen our weakness?

It is true our opinions are a measure of our weakness.  Because why should we have opinions on all kinds of things, that are irrelevant to us, if not for fear.  And fear is weakness.  We fear it to be nothing and hope that it to have an opinion changes us into something, and then we are no longer nothing.  It is confusing, is it not? Chapter 28 >

Problems and problems

rifsberThere are problems and there are problems.  Major problems, minor problems, my problems, your problems, their problems and our problems.  Endless problems.  We can endlessly argue about the importance of all the problems in the world and how to solve them.  But no matter what we think of others and our problems and no matter what their importance is, they have all a sources and a solutions, and strange as it sounds their origin and their solution is to be found in the same place and that applies to all problems, large and small.
I know this sounds easy, but it is because it is easy, we can solve all the world’s problems here and now if we just want.  But do we want to solve them all?     This is the topic of chapter 7>

That is life


THAT IS LIFE is a name of a project I did and made into an exhibition. The whole work is 6 photos which all tell a story along with a text belonging to each photo.

I gave the process the working name  Darling boy (Beautiful boy), which is a name of a song by John Lennon, in it I found this wonderful words, Life is just what happens to you, While your busy making other plans. That is exactly how life is, exactly what happened to those people who came to me in my dreams, what happens to us all in one form or another.  That is life >

The soul

Hm, I wonderI asked friends, acquaintances and strangers if they believed in the soul, most of them did.  When I asked them to describe the soul to me, I got many and various answers, most of them saw the soul as a kind of invisible spirits or something similar.  But one girl hada a fun idea about the soul, she saw it as a green, fuzzy, ball tha twas located in our throat.
I cannot say that I know whether there is a soul, or not, or what it would look like.
But the idea raised many questions, which led me to one answer.
The soul is the subject of  chapter 5>

Out of body experience

Out of bodyLike I say in chapter 4, the reason I started the search for my true self, were visits I experienced in my dreams, from and to other worlds, where I was taught all kinds of things, both useful and not so useful.  Of course, it was I who chose what was useful and what was not.  I had for example little or no interest in knowing how to read auras or other things of that nature, but found it very interesting how I could know the state of my body by its smell alone.  But what attracted me the most was everything concerning life and truth.  This is the topic of chapter 4 >

Why is life so short?

Fræ í rigningu
Why is life so short?  The average age of women is 83 years and men 79 years and you might think it pretty good.  In the beginning of our lives it seems like a long time, but when we get older it starts to feel like very short.  Why?

Well, the first years we are almost unconscious.  We only are, respond to stimuli according to our innate temperament and other characteristics, and little else.  And we do not know that there is something called death and are therefore immortal.

Then we grow up and become adolescent and are gradually fed into the idea that we are something, beautiful, good, Continue reading

Who, what, how?

Who, how, whyWe judge each other based on what we see, especially the face, beautiful, ugly, young, old, tired, fresh, and so on.  But when we have no face what do we use then?

Sure we can view the package, it appears to be young, the clothing, probable female and thus seek a definition to judge by.

Who are we?  What are we?  How are we? An image made by us for us to use?  Absolutely.  Point all targets from?  Yes, that to.  Like this or that?  No doubt. Young yesterday, old today?  No, not that but still that.

I have to tell you we are exactly the same today as we were the day we were born, both in age and abilities.  We are in no way changed.  We have nothing learned.  Our knowledge is the same as in the beginning as well is our age, hopes and dreams.  And this applies to all of us, whether we like it or not. Continue reading